Frequently Asked Questions


What are our qualifications?

Goshin Ryu Karate and all of our expert instructors are respected members of the Australian government recognised Australian Karate Federation (AKF). This body is also recognised by the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

What do I wear?

Karate students traditionally wear a white Karate uniform called a ‘Gi’ whilst training. New students are more than welcome to train in comfortable clothing such as gym gear or sports attire. No shoes are worn in class.

How do I join?

Before participating in class, each student should complete an enrolment form which can be found on our website or obtained from your local Sensei.

Can I do a trial class?
Sure! We welcome all newcomers to do a trial class with us before joining our Association to see if they would like to continue with our style.

How often do we have Gradings?
Most of our locations conduct gradings approximately every 3 months. Progression to the next coloured belt depends on the amount of effort and commitment to training.

What age can you start Karate?
There are no age restrictions on training with us. Our youngest students are about 3 years of age and oldest over 80!