About the Goshin Ryu Karate symbol

The Goshin Ryu Karate Symbol means: Heart, Together, Deep Patience, Concentration, Compassion, Calmness, Love, Focus, Affection, Courage, Spirit, Direction from the innermost character within.

The History of Goshin Ryu Karate

Goshin Ryu Karate is the most successful Karate club in the government recognised Australian Karate Federation. Karate is a great person development system teaching life skills that develop self confidence, self esteem and discipline, as well as being a great deal of fun!

Goshin Ryu Karate was first registered world-wide in Sydney, Australia in the late 1960's by Shihan Dr. Richard Bradford and other leading instructors from China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other Asian countries with Chan Keng Wan from the Shaolin Temple Double Dragon school in China as the Head Instructor and Master.

Developed from the 'Shotokan' style, an original martial arts style from Okinawa, Japan, Goshin Ryu today is made up of two essential martial arts styles, Shotokan Karate and Double Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu.

Dr Richard Bradford, 9th Dan Karate Master, started his martial arts training in 1959 in Judo, Jujitsu and boxing. In 1963, he formally started his Karate training and in 1966 started teaching the art. Shihan Bradford was the Austrailan Karate Federation National Coach from 1977-1993 and produced many champions, the most prestigious being World Heavyweight Champion Brian Peakal (1992), Australia's 1st ever senior male world title.