Anti-Bullying Strategies.

Anti-Bullying Centre Australia

The A.B.C. of bullying. Bullying is an underrated and enduring problem in schools and society today and affects the lives of all children and adults, whether they are themselves bullies, victims or witnesses.

Anti-Bullying Strategies is a unique programme developed and taught by Dr Richard Bradford who has been involved in this work for over 40 years, teaching 1000's of men, women and children all over the world and specializing in children's anti bullying programmes.

Dr Bradford's programme is a 10 week course consisting of all the anti bullying skills you require to deal effectively with a bullying problem in our society, either at school or in the workplace. The course includes confidence building skills, vocal and physical assertive skills, conflict resolution skills, body language drills as well as many other hints to enable you to deal with all situations. You will learn the techniques needed to protect you and your loved ones against any act of bullying in the school or workplace from day 1. Dr Bradford will instill a confidence in you and your ability to handle bullying and violence you have never experienced before.

The course uses the 2 Bully B'ware textbooks from Canada as the main reference.


  • Anti Bullying expert.
  • Successful life coaching expert.
  • Over 40 years experience in anti-bullying and self defence strategies.
  • World recognised 8th Dan black belt karate master with nearly 60 years experience in martial arts.
  • Level 4 government recognised coaching certificate
  • Bully B'ware representative for Australia

 Dr Richard Bradford